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Right to Work … for Less!

To all those regular people who think unions are bad and we need right-to-work, here’s real life:

In the United States, we already have employment-at-will. If you aren’t in a union that means (with rare exceptions) you can be fired at any time for any reason. Or for no reason. Or not hired in the first place. And can be paid as little as the employer wants. With no benefits. And be forced to work as many or as few hours as the employer says. On any schedule. And under any conditions. Including verbal abuse. The only limitations are the ones the government imposes. Like anti-discrimination laws. And minimum wage laws. And worker protection laws. So if the employer does discriminate against you or lock you in or steal your overtime, if you can prove it, after going through a lengthy, expensive legal battle, they may have to pay you damages or pay a fine. Good luck with that.

Right to work is different. It exists solely to eliminate unions so you can be an employee-at-will once the union goes belly up. At which point you not only get your employment-at-will, your pay and benefits will go down.

Corporations exist to make profits. They increase profits the fastest by cutting their payroll costs. That means paying people to do more work while paying them less to do it. They do this with “downsizing” or outsourcing. And reward the corporate leaders who do this (cut costs and therefore improve profitability – at least on paper and for the short term) by giving them millions of dollars in compensation and bonuses.

Think they want to keep good people? Not if they can find ones who will work for less. Are you lucky to be in a field in demand where few people with your skills exist? Good for you – but 99% of us aren’t. And your situation will change when people flock to your field.

Think we don’t need unions? You won’t know how much we do until they’re gone.