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And Now for a Trip to the Dark Side

Last Minute Gift Ideas for People You Really Hate:

You know who they are. And you know you hate them. Which is why it’s the last minute and you still haven’t bought them a gift. But you have to. You’re obligated. But never fear. Here are some suggestions sure to make those special someones happy.

1. Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: For just $29.99 you can be almost completely certain that within days you can permanently scratch the recipient off your gift list.

2. If you don’t like that version, try the Chief Steering Wheel Desk, Notebook Size. This baby sells for just $19.99 and conveniently holds their notebook at eye level. They won’t be able to keep their eyes on the road!Steering Wheel Desk, Notebook Size

3. And if those two don’t work as planned, offer some additional distractions with a Driver Organizer  (worth every penny of its $19.50 price). This handy organizer puts everything on the front passenger seat – so now the driver has no reason to pull off the road – instead, he or she can simply focus their attention on the seat next to them as they search through the numerous pockets for their  papers, magazines and folders, phone, PDA, CDs and more! They’ll never see what they hit before it happens! 

4. If eye-hand coordination is a problem, a gift certificate for free Javelin Catching lessons might be ideal.

5. Perhaps you prefer subtlety. In that case, a Turkey Fryer might be just the thing.  Be patient. This WILL happen.

6. Send them on a hunting trip.

7. Or how about dinner out – with a trip for fugu at the local sushi place? Don’t be skeptical. If it happened to Homer, it can happen to anyone. Just stick with the California rolls.

You get my drift. Just be creative. You’ll easily find the perfect gift that fits your budget.

Happy holidays from the Addams Family