This is a grab bag of things that leak out of my brain. Mostly humorous (I like to think) commentary on subjects that strike my fancy. And some politics. And some serious stuff. And sometimes a combination of all of the above.

I’ve never been political. (Except for that time in high school when I agreed to be a “Gross girl” – but only because it meant a free trip with a friend to Seaside Heights. Nelson Gross was running for office and – well, it’s complicated.)

I’m not registered with any party. I vote in every election big or small, choosing the candidates I feel are the best qualified for the office – or at least the ones who will do the least harm. I am old enough to be cynical and discouraged and disenchanted, yet foolish enough to hope things will be okay anyway. Only now I wonder about that last bit.

The world has gone crazy. People believe nonsense and accept as truth without question that which has no factual basis. They vote against their own interests and hate others for no other reason than the voices on conservative radio and television tell them to. They sputter empty rhetoric and repeat mindless slogans. And I wonder why they think they need to take the country back and exactly who they think took it away from them.They don’t seem to be able to explain those points with any lucidity.

I am astonished, astounded, and astricted by recent events. Really. Look it up. It’s the word for the day. Plus I like the alliteration.

One of the things I find troubling about what’s happening (in Wisconsin and elsewhere)  is the lack of understanding about how terribly wrong it all is. It’s not just the what, it’s the how and the why. We are a democratic republic built on a basic set of rights and freedoms which require open and transparent government for their continued survival, but those rights and freedoms are under attack, being eroded and chipped away until soon they will be no more.  And yet many people remain unaware, the little news they read or hear controlled and safely sanitized which, when combined with a lack of knowledge and spin doctoring, results in a populace which elects Michelle Bachmanns to Congress.

So I write this (at least the political part) as a way to share information about not only what’s happened by why it is wrong.  The founding fathers created something incredible that’s lasted for over 200 years. And now a small group is doing its best to sabotage it. I believe we can’t let that happen. Oh yeah – and by the way, our planet will also die if we don’t stop them.

The other stuff I write because if I don’t my head might explode.

  1. yourothermotherhere

    I’m a Badger too and I totally agree with you.

  2. Absolutely love your blog, WisconsinWit! Wish I had found your blog much earlier. Will recommend it to my friends.

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