Why I never get anything done

I’m a writer. So I have what many people consider to be an ideal job: sitting at home all day long in my pajamas playing computer games.

But that’s not why I never get anything done.

The real reason I never get anything done including not writing my new novel is because things happen.

Things like the really rude survey phone call which demands an immediate response …

To: Seedy Research Partners
From: irate member of the public

Dear Seedy Partners,

Tonight I received a call from someone who was calling me on your behalf and who was not only rude – she hung up on me.

Note: If you hire crappy companies to do surveys for you, you end up looking like crap.

A female voice basically identified herself as calling with some questions which is when I interrupted her.

When strangers call me with questions (ESPECIALLY from an “unknown number”), I like to know who they are, where they are from and a little bit about them and why they are calling me before I decide whether I want to share anything at all with them but ESPECIALLY my age range and whether I prefer artichokes or George Clooney.

So I asked her for the company name. She said “Seedy Research.” I asked if she worked for that company and where it was located. She said she was calling from New York. When I asked again if she worked for Seedy and where it is located, she hung up.

Very bad form.

So I googled and found your website.

Note: incoherent descriptions full of buzz words do not impress anyone. If I was a potential client, I would immediately decide never to hire you after reading something like this: “His situational awareness enables his decision-making … finds the reward of the transformation”  “Jenny is … energized by the journey from ignorance to competence … diligently governs all kinds of situations … Jenny knows every intricate piece of information” [really? – she’s omniscient?] “Sean is reflective in careful in considering information” [not even grammatically correct]  “His ability … ranks high on his favorite activities.” [Hmmm. Sounds like an egomaniac to me.]

Seriously: if you want people to answer questions, be nice to them. Answer their questions honestly. After all – they are the ones doing you a favor.

Note: call from a real business telephone number, not an “unknown number.”

And for god’s sake – stop with the gobbledegook buzz words strung together in meaningless phrases. Pay someone to write something that makes sense while making you look good. Right now your website just sounds like pretentious nonsense.

And do the surveys yourself.

Yours truly


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