You want the truth?

Once upon a time long, long ago, most people told the truth most of the time.

Even politicians.

Lying was considered a bad thing. Reporters were called “journalists” whose purpose was to search for and report the facts in an unbiased, fair and impartial way. Edward R. Murrow persevered in the search for truth, even exposing Joe McCarthy’s fanatical fear-mongering. Walter Cronkite was the man America trusted.

People learned critical thinking skills which they used to process incoming communications, winnowing and sifting, questioning with a healthy dose of skepticism what they saw and heard. “I wasn’t born yesterday,” and “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time” were heard throughout the land.

Thankfully that’s all over with. Karl Rove was born, Rupert Murdoch transformed the Fox Network into a “We just make stuff up because we can if we’re in the U.S., even if that kept us out of Canada because (unlike the U.S.) it has a sensible law which forbids lying on broadcast news,” and the Supreme’s hit single “Citizens United” topped the charts.

Now anybody with money can say anything and the vast majority of people will not only accept it as true, but endlessly repeat it to others via any and all possible methods of communication.

Meanwhile, anonymous “non-partisan” entities with no identifying information (no location, no phone number, no names of any human beings who could possibly be connected with it or funding it) proliferate more quickly than cockroaches in the dark, spreading disinformation.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking, “completely anonymous people or entities with a name like ‘Words Matter 2012’? Nobody would pay attention to them! I mean, why should they? For all we know the person behind it could be an escapee from an asylum with his head wrapped in aluminum foil who believes his instructions come from Planet Zyborg!”

You are right. And very, very wrong. Because the masses did not question the anonymity. They did not say, “for all we know this could be an escapee from an asylum with his head wrapped in aluminum foil who believes his instructions come from Planet Zyborg!”

No – they all nodded their heads in compete agreement and hit “forward” then immediately shared and reposted it a gazillion times on facebook, twitter, and youtube.

Including people like:

crazyup inhurr ‏@Crazyupinhurr Shut your mouth, Hippie. Political Correctness and Liberals are the Herpes on the crotch of this great Country.

Patty Foster ‏@PATTYFOSTER53 53 yr old grandma…Independent, Conservative, God fearing woman..who loves her family..and i Love my Country the greatest in the world…I LOVE FOX NEWS…

Linda Hobart ‏@Ga5mom Mom,wife, grammy,Texas transplant, Constitutional Conservative, IT networker, TEA Party member

Ms.Jeffry Douglas ‏@MsJeffDesigns Republican,Conservative.Pledge of allegiance,in God we trust.Tired of PC. Love family,love my children.

linda e ‏@MRSEMOND Pissed Off American, Proud Responsible Conservative, God Fearing, Gun loving Married Mother of two from Southern California.

Judson Phillips ‏@teapartynation Tea Party Nation – A Home for Conservatives

TEAMPACUSA ‏ @TEAMPACUSA TEAM PAC USA is dedicated to Obama’s defeat  Watch our Documentary detailing Obama’s Deception and Failure on Youtube

Hmmm … do we sense a theme here?

We start with “Words Matter 2012.” An anonymous something (no one knows if it’s animal, vegetable, mineral, or none of the above) which claims to be a “non-partisan” 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, yet is exclusively dedicated to bashing President Obama 24/7/365 on:

its website  (registered anonymously);

facebook (no identifying info);

twitter (no identifying info);

and its own youtube channel (where, as of September 14, 2012, twenty-nine expensive, well-edited, professionally produced attack videos were being endlessly watched by thousands of Andrew Glenn Breitbart Beck wannabees who then re-posted them on internet websites across the galaxy faster than you could wrap your head in foil.

So an anonymous something located who knows where run and financed by who knows who can take your tax-deductible donation and spend it trying to defeat a candidate by making lots of stuff up in a frenzy of fanatical fear-mongering and claim it’s non-partisan.

Edward R. Murrow, where are you?

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