More Stuff You Didn’t Want to Know

Ignorance is bliss for a reason. Try as hard as you might, tidbits of knowledge might still cross your path that you really do NOT want to know.

Like the best reason never to swim in the Amazon is NOT piranhas, it’s this.

Or what castoreum really is.

Or that tiny creatures live in your skin during the day, coming out at night in search of hot, steamy mite sex before crawling back into a sweat gland to die.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse. Because it turns out the mites have no anus, which means when they die, everything they’ve  stored up since birth “is released in one go.” Inside your skin.

And this happens all that time. With millions of  microscopic mites. In your skin.

Which is why next time you see an article like “Tiny mites on your face may cause rosacea“, don’t read it: go get a root canal instead.


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