Is It Just Football Or Will Any College Sport Turn You Into An Idiot?

Warning: Strong Language Ahead!

Some people do bad things. Some people do really, really bad things. And some other people let them.

I am really pissed at all three groups, but after reading recent news reports it’s the last one that’s got me right royally pissed off at the moment.

Even people who have no interest in professional sports (yes – I include “college ball” in that category) are familiar with the Penn State sex abuse “scandal.” You know – the one involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting young boys – sometimes on university property – which university officials (including the revered football coach Joe Paterno) knew about but did not bother to report to authorities?

Oh yes – that “scandal.”

That, sir, was no scandal. A scandal is Saint Joe big caught dancing around his garage in a tutu and a pair of Manolos. A scandal is Saint Joe supplying steroids to his players. A scandal is Saint Joe being photographed romping on a beach with a woman not his wife, both of them wearing nothing but a smile. (Please note: none of the foregoing would have bothered his followers).

This, sir, was a crime.

And what really pisses me off: the actions of the people who could have stopped it but didn’t. Like the charming fellow who testified this week.

A decade ago, the then graduate football coaching assistant was in a campus locker room putting some shoes in his locker when he heard a “skin-on-skin smacking sound.” That’s when he noticed Sandusky raping a young boy.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I saw a child (or anyone for that matter) being raped, I’m grabbing a weapon (any weapon – a chair, a trashcan, whatever is handy – be creative) and I am going to stop the rape, probably while also screaming “stop that.”

So, did this fellow, who “had no doubt he was witnessing anal sex” between a naked 50-something Sandusky and a still unidentified 10 to 12 year old child, did he do that? Did he grab Sandusky and pull him off the young boy, rescue the victim by ending the assault?


Did he call the police?


Did he ever report it to law enforcement?


What did he do after witnessing a child being raped by the assistant football coach?

He slammed his locker shut loudly “as if to say, ‘Someone’s here! Break it up!’ ”

Then, he went to his office “to try to make sense of what he had seen.”

Then, he “picked up the phone” and called his dad “to get advice from the person I trusted most in my life, because I just saw something ridiculous.”

Then, he reported the incident to Saint Joe, the head coach, the next day.

Then, nothing came of it. A child had been raped. A witness had seen it. And nothing came of it.

Can you imagine being that child?

Pinned against the wall. Frightened beyond all words. Hearing a noise and thinking help was coming?

But no one came.

And no one told.

And children kept being victimized.

All to protect a football program.

So yes – I am pissed.


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