Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them

First we had slavery, which was a pretty good system for the slave owners. Work people to death. Beat them. Sell them. Whatever. It was all perfectly legal.

Then came emancipation and what was a business person to do?

Hmmm. Wait a minute, I know! Discrimination! Then came a bunch of bothersome anti-discrimination laws. If it wasn’t one thing it was another.

What happened to the good old days when you could fire women for getting married or pregnant, or pay people less because they weren’t white males? Or stick them in the lousy jobs that white men were too good for? Or just not hire them?  I mean, seriously, why did the government have to meddle with a perfectly adequate system that worked for the employers?

Here in Wisconsin, naive state legislators didn’t understand the natural order of the workplace: women get paid less than men. So they passed the “Equal Pay Enforcement Act” (EPEA) in 2009 to, well, enforce equal pay for equal work.

Thankfully, Tea Party Republicans across this great nation are changing things for the better, repealing job killing laws like mandatory sick leave so job creators can fire the lazy asses who don’t want to work while sick and be free to hire someone who will.

At the top of the repeal wish list are laws that impose hardships on job creators by penalizing them if they don’t provide equal pay for equal work, laws like the  EPEA. Seriously – why should an employer be penalized? Because it’s not as if people who aren’t white males should be paid the same – after all, they aren’t white males.

So, to help restore that natural order, on Thursday, April 5, 2012, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the bill that repealed the enforcement provisions of the EPEA, so that the employers who paid women less no longer had to worry about what would happen if they got caught. As confirmed by a white, male attorney who should know because he works for the job creators, “More than anything, this is a jobs bill.” Because allowing job creators to pay women less means they have more money to buy stuff like yachts, thus creating jobs. And repealing the EPEA was actually a good thing for Wisconsinites because it threatened “to clog the state court system.” Or at least it would if, in fact, any case ever showed up there – in the two years since the law was enacted not a single one had.

But, if and when one ever did, it was “a gravy train” for lawyers that Walker had to stop, because we all know how he feels about trains.

He knew that the law allowing women to sue for damages in state court wasn’t really for them – it was really just a “benefit that was in place … for lawyers” (the non-Republican lawyers who don’t work for the job creators).

The EPEA wasn’t needed because, according to Republican state senator Glenn Grothman (who led the repeal effort and happens to be a white male), wage disparity doesn’t exist and any difference in pay is because “money is more important for men” who need it to support families.

And sensible women know that’s the way it should be. As one ardent Wisconsin female Walker supporter said “women have always been paid less it goes all the way back to the time Women started working. It is unfair but that is life.“*

Other ardent female Walker supporters agree. Women should not be thinking you HAVE to be paid this because Joe Blow sitting next to you is getting paid more.”* “It degrades women to have the law in place. … How pathetic. Laws like this make women look like needy victims and I’d prefer to earn a salary rather than collect judgement money.“* According to another ardent female Walker supporter, employers should be free to pay less to women: “as a woman if I’m not being paid what I should be, then I change employers.“*

And a malicious rumor is circulating that because Republicans are rolling back discrimination remedies (among other rights), this is a war against women. Not so. If it was, women who ardently support Walker would know. And they don’t: “There is no war on women being waged by Walker or the Republicans!!“*

Even Stephen Colbert knows it’s just a myth. It must be – because white Republican males say it is.

* Actual statements by ardent female Walker supporters.


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  1. The Republican slogan of 2012 is “Hey! Look over there!”

  2. … or hows about the NEOCON Republican credo: LIE, CHEAT, STEAL AND KILL EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE FETUS!

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