Dr. Livingston, I Presume.

Last summer, the Republican party, with the help of $300+ an hour private attorneys at taxpayer expense (costing us hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars), used a secretive process to redraw legislative maps in Wisconsin, making changes that put voters in the wrong location.

Sometimes just across town.

Other times across the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the Sheboygan County clerk, “We had many, many voters who showed up (on the computer map) on the coast of Africa and we had to drag them back to the state of Wisconsin and put them where they belonged.”

She was not alone. Clerks around the state have found that the Republicans strategically relocated politically incorrect voters to another continent. The Rock County Clerk found one on the equator just off the west coast of Africa.

So, would somebody please explain how they could ever, ever, ever, ever vote Republican?


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  1. Because they are NEOCON EXPATs living cheaply off the greenback they stole from the American 99% but they can still vote. It’s just a brain fart so bear with me 🙂

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