Follow the Money

Some things astound me. Leave me gobsmacked and speechless. This is one of them:

“When Reneau dropped out of the University of Oklahoma in 1981 to marry her sweetheart Dale and have a baby, she thought it was a temporary detour from her college degree.

‘I always promised myself when my baby was 5, I would go back (to college), but I just kept having babies [ELEVEN of them]. I’m not Mormon, I’m not Catholic; I use birth control. I didn’t know what caused it.'”

Seriously? I mean – seriously? Who does she think she’s kidding? Can we fill in the blanks here? Because I’m sorry but either 1) she’s lying or 2) she really wanted to keep popping out babies so conveniently “forgot” to take her pill.

So anyway – the story is about how she went back to school at age 50 (big whoop) and is now commuting to grad school at Harvard. From Oklahoma. And then, to add insult to injury, the story says this: “Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich appeared on TODAY alongside Reneau, and told Morales the key to Reneau’s success is having a family willing to work with her to achieve her goals.”

Oh Puh-LEEZ!!!! Two paragraphs earlier the story disclosed how she does it:  “She makes the mind-boggling 4,000-mile round trip commute from Oklahoma City to Boston each Monday to take her class, with husband Dale pinch-hitting for her until she returns home Tuesday mornings. Reneau found a private benefactor to pay the considerable costs of her commute and college expenses.

Give me a break! If I could find “a private benefactor” like that, I’d be at Harvard too. Who wouldn’t???

(The real story here is how to get someone with lots of money to give some of it to you. Why didn’t they write about that? Because then I’d be richer instead of speechless and incredibly annoyed.)

P.S. Why is it that when white women pop out large numbers of babies we applaud them and put them on television but when black women do it we call them welfare queens?


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