Top 10 Reasons Why Mothers Over 50 Should Be Running Governments

(Michelle Bachmann being an exception – maybe we can give her the job of reminding people to wear clean underwear. It would suit her.)

10. We know how to get people to play nice.

9.  We don’t usually dump our husbands when they get cancer so we can marry someone younger and better suited for photo-ops.

8. Before starting a war, we’d invite the other country over for some cookies and coffee and tell them how much we like their hair.

7. It really bothers us if children go hungry.

6. We know how to teach people to share, take turns, and be fair.

5. Most of us long ago learned how to balance our budgets.

4. We’d impose a “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” campaign rule.

3. We don’t take pictures of ourselves wearing nothing but our BVD’s because why in the world would anyone do that?

2. We would never share a picture of ourselves wearing nothing but our BVD’s because, what? People actually DO that? Are they out of their minds? We need to talk to their mothers.

1. We really don’t like to send our sons and daughters off to war.


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